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social reporting

With ever more sources of information swilling around – printed journals, e-bulletins, blogs – it’s all too easy to get swamped trying to keep abreast of what’s happening in your own field, let alone trying to bring in fresh thinking from other disciplines. But it’s critically important to try and look beyond our own bubble […]

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Poundbury | a model for elsewhere ?

Poundbury, the Prince of Wales’ model urban development on the edge of Dorchester, is as stimulating as it is controversial. Go there with a group, and everybody will comment differently about the place. I was there recently as part of a team led by Willie Miller Urban Design for the Prince’s Foundation for the Built […]

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designing streets

It’s only a weeks since the Scottish Government announced its investment proposals for how to improve the connections between our towns and cities (the Strategic Transport Projects Review, see my blog article here). Now they’ve issued draft policy and guidance at the other end of the transport planning spectrum – how we should design streets […]

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