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Tobermory Harbour | localism in action

As you may already know, I’m interested in how community empowerment can contribute to good placemaking. Not simply consulting or engaging communities about the design and management of places, but consciously empowering them to have control over places. This is hardly a new idea – Rousseau wrote in The Social Contract 250 years ago that […]

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Future City Games for planners & facilitators

This article was written for the Kinharvie Facilitation Network, in my role as a member of the Network’s steering group. Although written for facilitators, it is just as relevant for planners. Kinharvie Facilitation Network is based at the excellent Kinharvie Institute of Facilitation in Glasgow, which offers excellent training in group facilitation and other similar […]

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social reporting

With ever more sources of information swilling around – printed journals, e-bulletins, blogs – it’s all too easy to get swamped trying to keep abreast of what’s happening in your own field, let alone trying to bring in fresh thinking from other disciplines. But it’s critically important to try and look beyond our own bubble […]

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outsourcing community consultation

Richard Wilson and Alice Casey of the participation thinktank Involve have hit the nail on the head in their article in The Guardian about government outsourcing of consultation and community engagement. Their argument: …government consultations, citizens’ juries and e-democracy are very often delivered by external contractors… The problem is when you outsource democratic services, online […]

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jobs, houses and the Kirkcaldy & Mid-Fife Local Plan

I’ve just finished a small job for Fife Council Development Services as part of a team with TPS Planning, summarising and analysing the consultation responses to the initial ‘Issues and Options’ consultation stage on the Kirkcaldy and Mid Fife Local Plan, published in July 2007. Reading, summarising and analysing the consultation responses for the Council […]

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