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making contact with community development

At the Community Development Alliance Scotland’s conference this week, a recurring theme was the need to change attitudes and behaviours if communities are to become more engaged and empowered in decision-making. The speakers, from Keith Brown MSP’s Ministerial address to workshops by the new economics foundation, weren’t just talking about planning and placemaking, of course. […]

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Tobermory Harbour | localism in action

As you may already know, I’m interested in how community empowerment can contribute to good placemaking. Not simply consulting or engaging communities about the design and management of places, but consciously empowering them to have control over places. This is hardly a new idea – Rousseau wrote in The Social Contract 250 years ago that […]

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planning and budget cuts | it’s time to consider our future

We are witnessing two trends in Scottish planning. On the one hand, government planning reforms are – quite rightly – urging the planning system and profession to create better places, play a more effective role in contributing to sustainable economic growth, and work more inclusively and collaboratively with communities and across different sectors. The importance […]

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removing roadblocks | highways, hierarchy + shared surfaces

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment hosted a conference last week in Perth about new approaches to street design which are now policy in Scotland, thanks to the Scottish Government’s adoption of Designing Streets: a Policy Statement for Scotland. At the core of the new approach is greater emphasis on creating walkable neighbourhoods, rather […]

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talking planning in Aberdeen city and shire

With Sèamus Lalor of sèamus lalor associates, I’m facilitating a series of events in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for ACSEF, the Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Forum. The events are half-day discussions for anyone and everyone involved in planning in the North-East of Scotland: planners from the public and private sectors, local residents, businesses, developers, architects […]

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Future City Games for planners & facilitators

This article was written for the Kinharvie Facilitation Network, in my role as a member of the Network’s steering group. Although written for facilitators, it is just as relevant for planners. Kinharvie Facilitation Network is based at the excellent Kinharvie Institute of Facilitation in Glasgow, which offers excellent training in group facilitation and other similar […]

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the essence of culture change

I’ve just come across this paragraph in Charles Landry’s excellent book The Art of City Making. Published in 2006, it is as fresh and relevant today as it was then: “Planning is about to be different from what it used to be – it is set to be a more holistic process. Soon the idea […]

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