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procurement + sustainable economic growth

Willie Miller’s timely Small Practices and Procurement blog on the Urban Realm website draws attention to the increasingly difficult issue of the impact of procurement rules. To quote Willie: “Framework Agreements and other aspects of procurement regulations make it increasingly difficult for small practices to get public sector work. At the other end of the […]

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place-making and localism

The Scottish Government’s Council of Economic Advisers – who are advising the government on how to support sustainable economic growth in the face of recession – has recently emphasised that better place-making can make a vital contribution to sustainable economic growth. Integrating place-making and sustainable economic growth can contribute to a whole range of government […]

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social reporting

With ever more sources of information swilling around – printed journals, e-bulletins, blogs – it’s all too easy to get swamped trying to keep abreast of what’s happening in your own field, let alone trying to bring in fresh thinking from other disciplines. But it’s critically important to try and look beyond our own bubble […]

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designing streets

It’s only a weeks since the Scottish Government announced its investment proposals for how to improve the connections between our towns and cities (the Strategic Transport Projects Review, see my blog article here). Now they’ve issued draft policy and guidance at the other end of the transport planning spectrum – how we should design streets […]

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national planning: Scotland leads the UK pack

The Scottish Government has recently published two ground-breaking documents – the first Strategic Transport Projects Review and the second National Planning Framework (NPF2). Their publication in the same week seems to have been no coincidence, but appears to indicate a move towards greater co-ordination of land-use and transportation planning at the national level. Whilst Ireland […]

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outsourcing community consultation

Richard Wilson and Alice Casey of the participation thinktank Involve have hit the nail on the head in their article in The Guardian about government outsourcing of consultation and community engagement. Their argument: …government consultations, citizens’ juries and e-democracy are very often delivered by external contractors… The problem is when you outsource democratic services, online […]

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culture change has suddenly got bigger

Culture change, already a big issue for Scottish planning, is getting even bigger. The government has clearly signalled the paramount of economic development as the over-riding objective of the planning system with its decision on Trump’s Aberdeenshire proposals. Controversial as it is, this decision should not really come as a surprise given the strong emphasis […]

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Andrés Duany at Holyrood

I don’t wish to sound like a sycophant, but I’d been waiting a while to hear renowned US architect-planner Andrés Duany in person. Watching him on youtube and reading about him in The Guardian is okay, but doesn’t compare to the real thing. He isn’t, arguably, the West’s most famous planner of the moment for […]

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