From the nooks and crannies of inner cities to unspoilt coasts and mountains, places fascinate me. So does how we shape them.

In Britain, there are few places that are untouched by humanity. It might be more obvious in our cities, but it’s just as true in the countryside. Every part of our landscape, every one of those places that make up our country, is shaped by our decisions.

Some of those decisions are strategic, like encouraging investment in town centres. Others are detailed, like making sure bus stops and cycle lanes are in the right places for people to get in and out of important buildings.

My job as a planner is to help make those decisions so we that get places that work for us, and places that we love. Professionals should never lose sight of the fact that people have to live, work and play in the places that we plan.

Recent projects:

George Square, Glasgow: is it time for a change?

Foxbar (Paisley) pilot Local Place Plan and “how-to” guide

Buckie harbour masterplan: a glimpse of Scotland’s future?

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