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report coverIt’s not every day that mere planners get the opportunity to work with graphic designers on a project that runs to the very heart of Glasgow – re-branding Tennents Wellpark Brewery on Duke Street, home to that famous Glaswegian commodity Tennents Lager for decades, and a brewery for centuries.

That’s exactly what this project was about. Tennents commissioned a team of consultants including Stand design consultants, myself, Gardiner and Theobald cost consultants and the Tourism Resources Company to create a modern image for the brewery – one that reflects Tennents current branding. The Brewery would remain as a Brewery: but its rebranded image would reflect the quality, style and pride for which Tennents – and Glasgow – are famous.

For decades, the brewery has been caught between the vibrancy of the city centre to the west and the quieter residential community of Dennistoun to the east (view map). The city centre’s style and vibrancy are now nudging hard up against the Brewery: planning consent has been granted for a new urban quarter that will bridge the gap between Brewery and city centre at the High Street. With over a million square feet of luxury apartments and office space, a hotel and multi-storey car parking, the area is coming up fast.

Within 5 to 10 years, the city centre will be arriving at the Brewery’s doorstep. Taking the opportunity to rebrand the Brewery would allow it be a part of Glasgow’s renaissance, to be a place that Glasgow can be proud of, and to have a renewed sense of place in the local community.

Equally importantly, the revitalised Brewery would be a positive influence on the Tennents Lager brand as well as supporting Tennent’s vision of becoming a World Class Brewer.

In drawing up our proposals, we took a fresh, innovative slant on how to integrate the Brewery with the local community using what’s already there.

For decades, the Brewery has been something to hurry past, an industrial complex that’s ill at ease with its surroundings. Our proposals didn’t aim to change the fundamental purpose of the brewery – brewing beer – but they would change its character.

Our aim was to reconnect the Brewery with local communities and the city centre. We want to give it character and interest, so it becomes something for Glaswegians to be proud of: an ambassador for the Tennents brand.

What did our proposals include ?pipeline

The pipeline… A stainless steel pipepine connecting Tennents with the city, giving life and interest to the long vista along Duke Street. The pipeline gives the public an idea of what’s going on in the heart of Tennents. It acts as a visible artery that takes what’s inside the Brewery outside. By using a form and material associated with the brewing process and Tennent’s industrial brand values, it is easily understood.

The most perfect pint ever seen…. A huge, bubbling, lit pint on top of a vertical section of pipe, giving passers by confirmation of what might be flowing through the pipeline. Symbolising the quality of the Brewery products, it also acts as a marker for your arrival at the home of Tennent’s Lager – Wellpark Brewery.

perfect pintBrand signage… Edge lit brand elements used to create focal points on the pipeline, new brand signage atop the office block, and the famous T signage taking pride of place on the blank canvases that form either end of the office block.

Lighting… Dramatic lighting to maximise the impact of the Brewery’s industrial skyline – drawing attention and creating interest.

Refreshing the office block… Cleaning the concrete exterior of the block to reflect the clean, crisp lines of the new Brewery image.

Revitalising the Molendinar… Transforming the old Molendinar Bar into a high quality venue for product launches and marketing events. Acting as a huge window from the Brewery, projecting the modern Tennents Lager image to Glasgow.

lightingTaken together, this package of proposals would transform the image of the Brewery in the local community as well as offering a venue for Tennents to be proud of.

It’s early days in this stimulating and exciting project: the first step is to see whether the proposals stacks up financially. But if they do, we can all look forward to a whole new world of innovative streetscape design for a forgotten part of the city.

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