redesigning Clydebank

the QE2 was built on this very spot

I’m helping Clydebank re-built, an urban regeneration company in Clydebank, with briefs and tendering for design teams for some of their key sites along the Clyde Waterfront – an enterprise centre providing start-up office space, Housing Association flats, and industrial workshops. We’re looking for a top quality design combined with cost effectiveness (tell me a developer who isn’t…), and it’s good to see so many entries from top quality architects even for relatively small projects like these. It shows how a strongly design-led approach can attract top architects even in a town which doesn’t have much of a reputation for quality architecture.

The successful architects were an accomplished bunch, with many awards between them:

Reiach and Hall for the latest phase of new business space adjacent to Page and Park‘s recently completed first phase (pictured in the photo above), the Titan Enterprise Centre.

Elder and Cannon for a new residential block for Clydebank Housing Association on Cart Street.

Anderson Bell and Christie for the latest phase of the award-winning industrial units at John Knox Street.

It has been fascinating reading these tenders from internationally known architects, interviewing the creative talents to get under the skin of their proposals, and seeing the diverse approaches that they adopt. Some start with the envelope of the building, trying to ensure that the building’s skin reflects the town’s industrial heritage. Others start with the internal layout, emphasising the need for the building to function internally before considering the external appearance. Each of them bring a wealth of fascinating ideas and concepts.

This healthy competition can only be a positive force for re-instating Clydebank into the international consciousness. Let’s see what comes out of the ground over the next couple of years.

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