the leadership role of planning

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At the Delivering Better Places in Scotland launch last week (more of which in another post soon), the need for more leadership in planning was a strong theme – possibly the dominant theme.

This isn’t about training more leaders of planners. It’s about the need for planning to take a more leading role in government, society and the media if we are to succeed in creating better places. Which means it’s about each of us taking every opportunity to promote high quality planning and placemaking – not just in reports and policies, but in discussion and debate too.

What better time, then, for Planning Aid for Scotland’s annual conference on 25 February in Edinburgh: The Leadership Role of Planning.

Creating better places, more people-orientated places, isn’t just about the leaders, the people at the top: it needs all of us to play our part. 25 February will be an important step in working out what we should each do. Book your places now.

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