We live our lives through places. They shape how we live, they give us memories, and they bear witness to the major events of our lives. Little wonder, then, that changing places can be so charged and controversial...more


From the nooks and crannies of inner cities to unspoilt coasts and mountains, places fascinates me. So does how we shape them. In Britain, there are few places that are untouched by humanity....more


Planning is the art of making good places. It involves managing change, but it should not just be regarded as simply to stop things – the common view of what planning has become. Good planning should also be...more

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  • monitoring the outcomes – and evaluating the impact – of planning

    monitoring the outcomes – and evaluating the impact – of planning

    Over the last few months, I've been part of a research team commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the case for a new approach to performance management for the planning system. Instead of the current focus on processing speed the emphasis would shift to better understanding the contribution of planning to building a better […]

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